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The prosecution alleged that the two had conspired to kill the deceased.

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They lured the deceased to Kg. Damai and there under cover of darkness killed him.

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The case against both the appellants relied largely pp в бинарник the admissibility of the cautioned statements given by them. On appeal, the defence submitted that even assuming that both the statements were otherwise voluntary, they are inadmissible because neither had been signed by the appellant alleged to have made it.

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Issues: 1. Whether a cautioned statement recorded under Section is at the same time a statement recorded under Section Wan Suleiman FJ: - It cannot be denied by the prosecution that both appellants had made their respective cautioned statements during the pp в бинарник of police investigations.

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I asked him whether he wished to say anything. He said he wanted to tell me the whole story.

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I cautioned him. Sheikh Mohd Ariffin was also made on the same day.

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If the fact that investigation has commenced and is being conducted in some form or other is the cause or occasion of a statement being made, or if the statement results or proceeds from any act done in investigation, then the statement is made in the course of investigation.

Whether a statement recorded under Section must be reduced into writing and signed by the person pp в бинарник made it.

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Wan Suleiman FJ: - Section 5 : …shall, whenever possible, be taken down in writing, and signed by the person making it Syed Othman FJ: - The implication of Section pp в бинарник is that if it is not possible to get a signature or thumbprint from the maker of the statement, satisfactory evidence must be adduced as to the reasons before the statement can be accepted as evidence for whatever purpose at a trial; otherwise it is not admissible, as a specific requirement of law has not been complied with.

It is also a safeguard against any allegation that the recording officer has built up the statement.

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In the ordinary course of human conduct if a person is said to have freely pp в бинарник a statement which is written by someone else, there is every reason for a person to affix his signature or thumbprint as a mark of verification that he made it.